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So today I walked into work wearing my fursuit.

Unfortunately, my manager had just been looking at my trip photos and he'd seen the photo of my costume legs, so I didn't quite get the "WTF?!" reaction from him. Admittedly, he still turned red as well as a couple of my other colleagues. XD

Pic or it didn't happen, right?

Pics or it didn't happen. on Twitpic

I got asked a bunch of questions, but they were generally pretty good about it. They made some jokes about it, but it was all in good fun. It was really funny when at one point I was told to turn around and standing in the doorway behind me was the CEO and his wife. The wife asked me sarcastically if I had a girlfriend.

They all thought the costume was very well done. Some of them got creeped out by the eyes and the fact that the beak moves when I talk. They were shocked when I told them how much the costume is worth. (Actually, I'm not sure how much a partial typically costs. I quoted them what I thought it'd cost if it was a full suit.)

It was suggested a couple of times that my company could have a mascot at trade shows. I'd absolutely love that. =D (Well, maybe not cooking in a fursuit for hours on end.) Except I highly doubt that they were being serious. Still, it would certainly attract attention to the stand. I'm not sure it would be beneficial in any way. =P

I'm so glad I did this today. It was awesome fun. There wasn't any particular reason I decided to do this today. It's the first time I've seen my manager since before I left for my trip (he was away last week), and there were more people in the office today than at any time last week. I need more reasons to fursuit! Halloween is still 8 months away. I guess there's the medieval faire too in July.
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