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In today's D20 Exalted session, Ghost shot the bunny girl, Mira, for scalping his kill; he spoke his mind to a Terrestrial Exalted queen without losing his head for it (or going berserk and killing a bunch of palace guards, for that matter); and he criticalled an Abyssal, killing it, right before it unleashed a nasty area of effect spell on the party.

Yeah...I think I played Ghost true to form today. It's also nice to unleash his first crit of the (admittedly short) campaign on a boss monster.
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The Exalted campaign which has been running for nearly two years has been placed on indefinite hiatus, which is another way of saying it's over. (Honestly, how many roleplaying campaigns ever get resurrected?) I'm sure this isn't the end of Ghost, however. He was a neat character. I'm back down to one roleplaying session every fortnight.
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Overall I had a good weekend. It kicked off Friday night with a party to finish off the homebrew beer at Marko's (mmmbeer). We watched Shanghai Noon, ate sausages, stumbled off to the local bottle shop and discussed frankenbirds. I couldn't drive myself home so I crashed the night.

I failed at sleeping in Saturday. I crashed sometime around 2am and, having thought that I'd slept in, got up only to find it was only 8am.

I wasn't in any rush to go anywhere and Ristin's Exalted campaign(s) sounded intriguing so I created a Pterok (anthro pterosaur, basically) who came out of status only to find the female Pterok gone from her stasis thingie. Eventually he joined up with a group of Lunars...a very misfit group of Lunars. ;> Oh, and I named the character Nor. Pterok Nor. XD

Sunday kinda sucked but I dunno. Sundays always suck. I mostly got some chores done before heading to my parents' for dinner. And I scored a dodgy laser printer. :D It prints a bit messily but it's still perfectly legible. It's not like I'll be printing artwork with it.

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