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Powderfinger was motherfuckin' awesome!! XD

I was joined by Bingo tonight, who put on a hilarious "English presenter" accent, which started to sound like Scottish after a while, then a very confused accent.

The show was transmitted live on the interweb, but obviously I didn't watch it because I was there at the Tivoli. >v>

They played two sets: the first was acoustic, and they certainly played some inventive stuff on their songs. (At one point I had the urge to shout out, "Do you play both kinds of music?")

I even got an annoying guy to move without shouting at him or punching him in the back of the head! :D Some lady was bumping into me, but it was the last song and she was dancing to it. Whatever.

Perhaps next time we'll stand right up in front of the stage. We almost queued up early enough to do that. Next time we'll be there two hours before the doors open instead of just one hour.

I really hope this concert comes out on DVD. Why does Sydney get all of the Powderfinger DVDs? :p I mean, they're from Brisbane!
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Powderfinger - Upstairs at the Downstairs tour
Tivoli, Brisbane
Monday 9th June

I has 2x tickets! :D Fanclub FTW!
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I've been awake for 20 hours now. The sensible thing to do would be to go to sleep.


There's nothing more awesome than seeing your favourite band live. It's like the whole set is just one awesome song after another. XD Powderfinger totally rocked tonight. It was well worth enduring Silverchair just to see the 'Finger. XD It took two hours to get to the Entertainment Centre tonight over the Gateway Motorway. Why? Because idiot motorists were rubbernecking at a petrol tanker that had rolled over into the nature strip between the northbound and southbound lanes. The northbound lanes weren't even blocked!! As soon as we made it past the accident we were travelling at 100km/h again. :p Rubbernecking should be outlawed, dammit.
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I don't have to see Powderfinger with anyone if no one else is willing or able to come along. I can enjoy myself going to a concert on my own. I enjoyed seeing Drag down in Byron Bay, right? Heh...that was a fun drive down and back. There's no reason I can't go to see Powderfinger alone. It just won't be the same, that's all.

Edit (9:12am): Well that makes my decision easy. I've just spent the last ten minutes sitting on Ticketek's website trying to buy a ticket and couldn't for the life of me. I guess I need to stalk eBay now.

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