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Hogswarming was a success! Meat! Alcohol! Calamari cups turned into beaks and horns! Jagerbombs! Icecream! No wench and no Dilph so it wasn't a *perfect* Hog run, but close. There are many embarrassing photos in my Picasa gallery.

Dead from group training Saturday morning. Note to self: mild hangover plus heavy physical exercise equals very very silly.

Sebkha and Jagafeh attended a world D&D day thingy Saturday afternoon but I piked out because four Jagerbombs equals severe sleep dep. (How the frak did I get ANY sleep??) Instead I went food shopping with Peta and then took a nap.

Went out to Sitar West End for delicious Indian noms with my family for Mum's birthday. I was starting my third glass of wine when my brother asked me how I was getting home. D'oh! Fortunately I sobered up at my parents' house enough for me to drive myself back home.

This weekend saw the finale of Battlestar Galactica. This was almost a religious experience for me. =P Fortunately I was only interrupted once or twice by my housemate when I was watching it. Saddest episode ever! I'm going to steal a synopsis from someone else and say that it answered all the right questions and left the right ones dangling. Yes, I cried. Hi Ron!

Successfully relocated my lorikeet, Timmy, yesterday with Dad's help and my brother's ute. She's settled in well to her relocated cage! And she's been really happy to see me. =D

Had an early night last night because I barely stayed awake for dinner. I seriously need to clean and vacuum my room. Sneezy bird.

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FC09 was so awesome I've decided to go again next year! :D I've got two weeks off work lined up and have conspired plans with my fellow gryphon [livejournal.com profile] wolfwings to split a room and transportation (yay, GryphonMobile!).

All that remains is:
* Book a room at the con hotel next weekend.
* Prereg!
* Book a return flight to L.A. (eww)
* Work with Rose to finish my gryphy suit. :D

Winging it for my last trip worked awesomely. Winging it FTW!

I need to make more noise here next time so that people actually know that I'll be there. =P Anybody else going to FC2010?

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