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Anyone with networking experience want a job? We're looking for someone to test our product, configure our network simulator, write scripts and talk to customers about what they want to monitor on their networks. Cisco experience preferable.
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I've had "March of the Black Queen" stuck in my head all day. It's just as well that no one at work can hear what I'm thinking, otherwise I'd be getting some very strange looks.
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This will be the first of many. It's so awesome having an espresso machine at work.
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*laughs* On a topic unrelated to this post, the slogan for LJ Talk is "Instant Messaging. Instant Drama."

I'm working from 8 til 6 today and tomorrow so that I can clock up 4 hours which I'll take off Friday afternoon so that I can help prepare for the housewarming. What's surprising is how productive I've been today. I've found the most software bugs today since I started here. I've been here 9.5 hours already and I don't mind working another 30 minutes. (I'm just waiting for a test run to complete. Ah, there it is.)

Krispy Kremes waiting for me at home and I still don't mind working a little later than usual.

I thought I needed a decent amount of sleep (8 hours) to stop from being tired and cranky the following day, but I only had about 5 or 6 last night. I also had some caffeine, which I thought tended to make me sleep worse.

I need more books for my new bookcase at work. I just added a book I had signed today by Dr Karl! Wooo! I am such a nerd! 8>

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